Programming and Logic I

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Coding I Grade Issue updated



updated: Tuesday, January 18, 2022 9:07 PM

Period 7 Coding I

First two or three letters of your LAST NAME

Ad A     Ad S     Al     Aw     Ca     Ch     Cz     De     Fr     Ham     Har    
Ho     Hol     Ko     Kr     Pa     Ro     Sh     Sm     Su     Th     We     Wh    
Not listed 7th

Period 8 Coding I

First two or three letters of your LAST NAME

Am     Ba     Bo     Gr     Ha     Ho    Hu     Jo     Kh     Kr     Le    
Mo     Na     Oa     Sa     Sc     Se     Su     Ve     Wo    Ya    
Not listed 8th

Last Name :

Email :


Select one of the following that describes when and why you are filling out this form:
This assignment is being submitted before the due date.
This assignment is being submitted after the due date. (doesn't necessary mean late)

Copy and paste the assignment name and date from gradebook about the grade in question.


Click on the 9 weeks grade.


Find the grade you want to submit a grade issue on.


Copy the grade DATE and NAME


Paste below what you copied in the form below.



Copy and paste the grade name and grade date from the gradebook.

What is the issue with the grade?

Do you have a receipt?    



Updated: Monday, December 6, 2021 7:51 AM

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