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Software Design

Updated : Monday, August 27, 2018 7:03 AM


Programming & Software Development Career Planning


  1. Resume
  2. Research a company or organization that employs computer programmers or specializes in software design and development solutions. Companies could range from large software developers, to niche organizations that retain programmers on staff to serve their particular clients’ needs. For the chosen company, cite specific textual evidence from the company’s literature, as well as available press coverage (if available) to summarize:
    1. The mission and history of the organization
    2. Headquarters and organizational structure
    3. Products or services provided
    4. Credentials required for employment and how they are obtained and maintained ex. Policies and procedures
    5. Reports, newsletters, and other documents published by the organization
    6. Website and contact information

  3. Investigate current issues surrounding the use of software applications to collect and track user data. Explore a range of arguments concerning privacy rights as they relate to the mining of personal data; determine when it is ethical and legal to collect data for profit versus for security purposes. Advance an original argument that debates the pros and cons and summarizes the potential ramifications for clients, users, the public, and one’s own personal reputation, drawing on evidence gathered from news media, company policies, and state and federal laws.

  4. Research a case study involving an ethical issue related to intellectual property rights. Examine a variety of perspectives surrounding the issue, then develop an original analysis explaining the impact of the issue on those involved, using persuasive language and citing evidence from the research. Potential issues include copyright infringement, piracy, plagiarism, art licensing, creative commons, and the state/federal laws that govern them.


Daily Journal 4-3-2-1

Based on 4 groups - More on Monday

Scoring 10-9-8-7 per item.
Compared to the best.





8-20 Resume Due






8-27 Quiz

8-28 Presentations I

8-29 ***

8-30 Presentations II

8-31 Presentation III











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