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Policies and Procedures 

Updated : Wednesday, August 17, 2022 4:55 PM

Login and Submission Policy 22-23

Each day present in class each student is to login on the website.
Save the receipt. Often the login is worth 5 pts which is sometimes added to the assignment or entered as a weekly grade.
If an error occurs on the login, save the error message as the login.

Daily logins must occur within the first five minutes of class.
After the first 5 minutes only 3 pts are given
, no credit will be given for the login after class is over.
Absent students will be given credit for the login.
Outside of class time, logins are NOT required.
You don't need to login in when checking from home.

Most assignments will be collected in one of four ways:

1. On notebook paper - my last choice! Extremely Rare. Did not do this last year.

2. Handouts - Fill in all heading fields. Rare. Did not do this last year.

3. Submission Form - 99% of the assignments are collected this way. The assignment is submitted through a web page form. The contents of the form arrives as an email. The most important aspect of this process is to save the submission results. This is your proof you have completed the assignment. If for some reason I don't receive the submission, I will ask you to print out the submission results.

If the submission result was not saved and I ask to see it, you will NOT get credit for completing the assignment. Resubmitting the assignment will result in it being counted late.

Always save the submission results.
Always save the submission results.
Always save the submission results.

If the assignment is submitted from home, save the submission result to your home computer. If I ask for the submission results for an assignment submitted from home, you will have until the next school day in attendance to produce a copy. I suggest emailing me the submission results as well as printing off a copy and bringing it to class. Failure to bring the submission results the next day in attendance will result in the assignment being counted late.

Each submission form ask why and when you are submitting the assignment. Not marking a submission as late when it is, will result in losing more credit. Please mark submissions accurately, it will make things much easier.

Select one of the following that describes when and why you are filling out this form:
This assignment is being submitted before the due date.
This assignment is being submitted after the due date. (Not necessarily late)

4. Standard email - assignments may be copied and pasted or attached. Questions my also be answered in the body of the email or in a secondary application and attached. If you do not use your class email account,make sure your name is in the email. This method is use more than notebook paper and handouts.

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